Artworks Cincinnati Mini Mural: Flying Pigs Forever

I’m so honored to have been selected as one of 20 artists to design a mini mural for the 20th Anniversary of the Flying Pig Marathon! We were challenged to design a mural that embodies our history as a city and our roots for the Flying Pig Marathon. Below is my design and description:

A big part of our future is never forgetting where we came from. Cincinnati, aka “Porkopolis”, had pigs running the streets in the 1800’s. To me, they were the very first Flying Pig Marathon. In this mural, you can see historic Cincinnati, buildings actually based on original architecture in Cincinnati in the 1800 and 1900’s. Staying in the classic sepia toned photograph style, it reflects the past, and our roots as a prospering city. It transitions to modern day Cincinnati, complete with the great icons of downtown and marathon runners in the street. The street is lined with the classic Italianate style iron fencing, used to keep the pigs in the street, similar to how our runners are kept in the streets on Marathon day. Balanced on each side of the design are vintage banner illustrations so that we can remember that, again, to know where we are going, we can’t forget where we came from. We were Flying Pigs back then, and we are Flying Pigs today.”

You can see my mural and all the other ones down outside of Great American Ballpark, at the corner of Joe Nuxhall Way and Mehring Way. I completed this mural 2 days after coming home from the hospital from having Josie, so this was a labor of love and something I challenged myself to do.


One of these murals has an opportunity to be turned into a large scale mural that will be on the Hyatt Regency Hotel on 5th and Elm streets. You get to be a part of that process by voting for your favorite mural! I would LOVE your vote for my design, “Flying Pigs Forever” by Robin Ewers Carnes.

You can vote here at this link:

One vote per email address per day is what is allowed for this voting process! Voting ends May 7th.

As a die-hard Cincinnatian and a Flying Pig Marathoner for 12 consecutive years, this would be an absolute dream come true for me. Please spread the word! And I appreciate your support!!

Thank you!